University of Denver Alumna Gymnast Amanda Johanson talks college gymnastics

This video is my free gift to you!
I've prepared a short video that covers 5 Critical Mistakes Parents and Gymnasts Make in the College Recruiting Process

I created this free gift for you because I care about your success as a collegiate recruit. 

I want you to get to know me so that you feel confident that the Gymnastics Recruiting Kit, Workshop, Consulting and Website resources can be valuable for your recruiting journey. 
5 Critical Mistakes Parents and Gymnasts Make in the College Recruiting Process *
A free video resource to help you avoid the pitfalls of college recruiting
  * Some may really surprise you!
Welcome to Gymnastics Recruiting - A Service for Parents and their Gymnasts seeking collegiate gymnastics scholarships.
Do you feel overwhelmed by the recruiting process...?
Are you confused about what to do...?
Do you wonder when you should get started...?
Have you asked yourself, how do I even begin...?
Are you hesitating because you don't know the rules...?
Do you wonder who you should talk to...?
Do you feel in the dark while everyone else seems to know what to do..?
Is your coach new to the college recruiting process and you need more guidance...?
Are you afraid your daughter is going to miss out on a gymnastics scholarship because you don't know how to help...?
At Gymnastics Recruiting, we've simplified the process for you and made it easy to understand and implement.  
Wouldn't it be great if you felt confident in knowing what to do...?
Wouldn't it be easier if you had a step-by-step guide...?
Wouldn't you feel great knowing you have helped your daughter gain a college scholarship in gymnastics...?

Megan Barnes Boyce

My name is Andrea Barnes and I've been helping gymnasts get gymnastics scholarships for 11 years.
I've been in your shoes...
I've asked all of your questions...
I partnered with my daughter for her college recruiting journey...
I've supported many gymnasts in their recruiting effort...  
I loved helping my daughter navigate the recruiting process so much and personally learned so much that it motivated me to help you and your gymnast have the same great experience.  That was back in 2005 and I have helped send nearly 200 gymnasts to college on athletic scholarships. 

So much has changed about recruiting in the past 10 years and I have researched all of  the current trends and practices so that you have all the answers and right actions to guide your recruiting journey.   I've personally contacted coaches in the Big XII, the WAC, the MAC, the PAC XII as well as Division II and Division III programs.  I've interviewed successful Junior Olympic coaches too.
Let us help You in 4 Ways
Gymnastics Recruiting Kit - A complete "how-to" guide for the college recruiting process. Affordable and easy to follow!

Gymnastics Recruiting Workshop - a comprehensive video workshop that covers the major areas of college recruiting. The workshop is a valuable companion to the Recruiting Kit where we expand on all the concepts using up-to-date examples from my conversations with college coaches. We interview past collegiate gymnasts and expert JO coaches. We also provide step-by-step instructions for key areas of your marketing program.

Personalized Consulting - For gymnasts and families who seek a personalized level of support throughout the recruiting process.  

Recruiting Websites - Simple and professional, our websites provide exactly the critical information collegiate coaches need from you. The websites are built on the same platform as this website. They are modern, beautiful and mobile friendly. 
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