Personal Recruiting Consultation
What would it take to help your gymnast achieve her dream of representing her school as a collegiate gymnast?  Parents around the country can only dream of the possibility of a FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP for their child.  They are so rare!  BUT....Because your daughter has an extraordinary skill, a scholarship worth $140,000, $160,000 and even $200,000 is a real possibility. 


Our family had a truly amazing experience watching our daughter, Megan go through the college recruiting process.  Her collegiate gymnastics career was even more incredible.  She completed her undergraduate degree at a great university, made life-time friends and had the privilege of representing her school.  

It is my goal to help your gymnast fulfill her dream of becoming a collegiate gymnast!

Gymnastics Recruiting offers full consultation services for gymnasts and their families seeking a collegiate gymnastics scholarship.

- Skill evaluation and college fit
- Recruiting timetable
- Marketing Process
- College coach communications
- Site visits
- Marketing material review
- Step-by-step coaching

A variety of consultation packages are available to meet your personal situation.

- Hourly consultation
- 5 consultation session package
- Unlimited access

It's easy to determine if this program is right for you.  Just take the first step!
  The First Step
Please complete a simple informational survey so that I know how best to serve you.  When I receive your information, I'll schedule a complimentary 30 minute video conference  where we can discuss your goals and needs.
5 Critical Mistakes Parents and Gymnasts Make *
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